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Renton Handyman provides all natures of painting in Renton, WA. A fresh coat of paint is one of those things that can single handedly transform a home or office. For any home improvement or remodeling project, it’s a powerful tool.

The key is to prepare the surfaces according to code and to professionally prep and apply the paint. You can’t just splash it on there and expect it to last forever! The type of paint needs to be matched up perfectly with what it’s for. But when you prep properly, apply properly, and use the right paint, it’s probably one of the most cost effective ways to make your home look beautiful while protecting it for years to come. 

Our painting pros’ have seen about everything on the job over the years. Below is a brief list of the various things we paint regularly, but it’s not all inclusive. Whatever your needs, give us a call and get a Free Inspection and Estimate:


  • Interior and exterior walls, ceilings, and more
  • Privacy fence painting, staining, and sealing
  • Porch and deck (+ sealing, staining)
  • Furniture
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