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Welcome to Renton Handyman Services in Renton, Washington. We’re a local family handyman service that provides high quality home repair, remodeling, and all around property services for our area. You might have found us on Google, as we’re proud to be ranked very highly, if not the highest, for our types of services in the area. This isn’t by accident. It’s because we are constantly improving our services and have been providing quality handyman services at great prices and unbeatable value.

Our clientele includes homeowners, business owners, property managers, and contractors. We cover a wide range of home repair, maintenance, and remodeling needs like drywall repair, roofing, electrical, plumbing, renovations,  window installations, interior door replacements, deck construction, porches (screened and otherwise), flooring, refinishing kitchen cabinets, and a myriad of others. Whether you’re planning a big project or a minor one, our professionals are flexible and can handle it.

We’ve taken a few minutes to briefly create a quick visual reference of some of the handyman services we do below. If you don’t see what you need done there, no need to be alarmed. It’s just a snippet of the broad range of what we do on a weekly basis, and all our home repair and remodeling services are flexible. Every client is different so we do our best to fit your services to you for a perfect fit.

All potential projects begin with a FREE Inspection & Estimate.

That’s no charge to you whatsoever. Call us at 425-800-5234 (just click the number to call if you’re using your mobile device).

You might have found us if you searched for handyman in my area, or home repair near me, or family handyman.  If you did, you’re in the right place.

Renton residents come to us for repair, maintenance, remodeling, and odds and projects are looking for a better deal than what a big company can give them. We get that. When you hire a big company, you’re paying for much more than just the materials and the work. You’re paying a lot of extra salaries and overhead fees that we, as a local handyman services, have avoided all together. For example, the boss has to get paid. The big office they have, the expensive truck with all the painting has to be paid.

These extra bills have to get paid, and they’re paid by folks like you. 

As a result, handyman services like us have been a staple of our country for a long time. We provide quality home repair and home improvement services without all that overhead that doesn’t make your project any better. And as the leading handyman service in Renton, it’s our goal to continue to push the envelope on quality and unbeatable value. If you’re looking for a good handyman Renton WA then look no further!

Our primary goal is to earn your glowing recommendation and a repeat business for years by doing a great job. 

Full Range Handyman Services


home maintenance services Renton

Every home is different, and every homeowner has different needs and goals. As a result, flexible handyman services can really save you a lot of money. We routinely provide repair, maintenance, and remodeling services to homeowners in Renton. From honey-do lists to painting, electrical, plumbing, roofing, fence building, porches, decks, and so on. Whatever your goal is, we can make it happen.

Property Managers

home maintenance Renton

Sometimes a home needs repair or improvement before being put on the market, or maybe there are a few rough spots to fix up for the upcoming tenant. No matter what your need is, our professional tradesmen are more than capable of maintaining, restoring, and improving any house or location you have. From handyman on call to scheduled maintenance, just give us a call. We’ll take care of it.


home remodeling Renton WA

Contractors and general builders are very, very busy people. With many projects going on at once, always working on the next big one and pushing towards the deadline, warranty work can be a real budget and time waster. Your guys should be working on your new projects, not doing little things at the old ones. Let us do the little repairs and up-keeps that warranty work is while you focus on what matters.

Projects of All Sizes

home repair services Renton

Minor repair, maintenance, and improvement are one thing, but what if you have something big? Or what if you just need a few hours? Well, as a reputable handyman service in Renton, we think we stand in the perfect place to handle projects of all sizes. We’re happy to handle small jobs that take 2-8 hours as well as big ones that take days or weeks. Our flexible professionals are able to handle both.

Handyman Services Renton WA

We understand why sometimes someone will pay double what we charge to hire a big corporation with the big name and truck to do a job. They’re under the impression that the more they pay the better the result will be. And maybe they’re also under the impression that the guys the big company hires are the best around. 

Unfortunately, neither of those things are true. In fact, many of our handyman professionals used to work at those big companies and left to provide more flexible and rewarding services. And the trouble with paying more is that the extra money from your wallet isn’t going towards better material or better workers, it’s just going towards all their overhead, an exec’s salary, or Christmas bonus! We hate to see someone’s hard earned money gone to waste like that.

Our expert tradesmen are able to handle projects of all sizes. Big, small, seemingly minor. We handle it all. Changing light fixtures, fixing leaky faucets, assembling furniture, installing shelves, replacing ceiling lights, adding rails, and on and on. These are minor needs that we’re happy to help you with. We’re also equipped to handle larger home repairs, fencing, remodeling, electrical, plumbing, roofing, and more. 

A quality handyman service is like having a friend who’s a craftsman. No giant overhead to pay for, no heavy handed management pushing them to skimp on quality. Just quality, flexible services from a professional. 

To contact us for your handyman needs, please call us at the number below.

Below is the brief visual guide to our services. Small note, they all apply to business owners as well. If you’re a business owner who needs a handyman, please feel free to call us. All the services below and the rest of the ones we do are flexible and affordable. 425-800-5234

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Home Repair and Home Maintenance in Renton
Bathroom Remodeling Renton WA
Handyman Tiling Renton
Handyman Electrical Renton WA
Handyman Plumbing Services Renton
Kitchen Remodeling Renton WA
Handyman Roofing Renton Washington
Handyman Crown Molding in Renton
Handyman Window Repair Installation
Handyman Cabinet Hanging
Handyman Door Replacement Renton WA

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Renton Handyman for Home Maintenance and Improvement

Three Powerful Reasons to Save Money With Us

1. Experienced Handyman Professionals

Let me tell you, we have some stories. After being in this business for a while, you see a lot of sometimes shocking and other times funny situations. As a result, we’ve gotten pretty good at adapting to the situations and diagnosing what needs to be done. As with any skills, experience and practice sharpens them, and by now, we’d say we’re pretty sharp, but always learning more. And that’s what you want in a great handyman: Experience. 

The last thing you want is to be the “wing it” project of an amateur. While many home maintenance and repair needs are inevitable as a result of having an older house, our climate, natural wear and tear, and so on, we often find situations that a good service could have avoided. Someone hired a bottom of the line repair guy who threw some things together, half fixed the problem and half hid the problem. That can work for a while, but then you have to call professionals in and unfortunately it costs extra to fix this time. Our motto is to get it done right the first time. 

That’s why experienced handyman services are a great choice for a quality job that doesn’t break the bank. High experience, high flexibility, LOW overhead, LOW prices.

2. We're Renton, Washington Locals!

Renton Handyman isn’t a corporation, a local branch of a regional company, or anything like that. We’re actually a local Renton family handyman service right here in town. When you call us to take care of that fence repair, give an estimate on that remodeling you want, patch the drywall, fix the roof, and so on, you’re hiring a local company. We spend our money in our city, give jobs to local folks, help support local businesses, and earn a good and honest living here. We’re not here to get rich. Our prices are great and our work is excellent.

3. Best Value Overall

We’re a humble group of professionals, but we stand firm on our reputation. It’s not an accident that we rank so highly in our community for handyman services. We’re hardworking professionals who deliver quality results at fair prices. Reliable, on time, and honest, we’ve been blessed to build a great service here. Our mission is to continue to grow and expand our expertise, so we can take on more and more clients over the years.  We define value by the quality of work given the price. If you save big time on your projects and get quality work, that’s value!

Family Handyman Services Renton Washington
Renton Handyman

Renton Handyman, Home Improvement and More

Five Star Customer Service

You can ask any small business owner here in town. A small business lives or dies on its reputation, and a reputation is built by what you do day in and day out. Your core values determine how you do business. Our core values are:

1. Integrity: Doing the right thing even when it hurt us

2. Honesty: Telling the truth even when we suffer for it

3. Taking pride in a good day’s work: Bruce Lee said, “Pray not for an easy life, but for the strength to endure a hard one.” 

Without these core values, our business wouldn’t be here today.

Flexible Handyman Services

What makes a handyman service such a great fit for so many every day homeowner needs is our ability to take care of projects with flexibility and affordability. Everyone has different budgets and goals, but everyone wants a good deal. To some, a deal is the cheapest amount possible, and to others, a deal is the best value possible. We cater to those who are looking for the best quality for a great price. We believe we’re the best middle point between expense and quality. 

#1 Reliable Quality

We’ll be the first to tell you that hiring an amateur will save you money. Well, in the short term anyway. Long term is a different story. 

When it comes to home repair and maintenance, hiring an amateur rarely works out well. We’ve met hundreds of homeowners and business owners over the years who hired amateurs, saved a few dollars in the short term, and then soon called us. It’s only been a few months but the paint is peeling, the door is sagging, a pipe is leaking, faucet acts funny, roof leaks, things are coming loose, floor is squishy, wood is getting rotten, and so on.

The truth is that an amateur rarely does things the same way a professional does, and that’s because we have the experience. We don’t want to come back to fix a job that we should have done right the first time. The silver lining is that a lot of the time we’re the guys who get called fix these situations, and we get to meet and make friends with new clients that stay with us for years. 

Bottom line: No one wants to pay twice. Call us at 425-800-5234 to get a Free Inspection & Estimate for your project. Compare our prices with the local big company if you want! You’ll love our prices the quality of our work.

Projects and Tasks of All Sizes

From big projects (remodeling, large home repair or improvement, deck building, porches, roofing, and so on) to smaller projects (changing fixtures, furniture assembly, small shelf installation, things that only take a couple of hours), we do it all. 

For a Free Inspection and Estimate, we’re available by phone at 425-800-5234

1. Home Maintenance

Home maintenance is a broad umbrella term that covers a lot of different service areas. Suffice it to say whatever your home repair or maintenance needs are, we are more than capable of resolving them. We routinely provide electrical repair and installation, plumbing services, gutter repair, painting, roof repair, rot repair, and so on. 

2. Home Remodeling

It’s not easy to find good bathroom remodeling contractors in Renton, WA, but we have an excellent rating on Google and have a huge number of great experiences with residents all over the greater Renton area. Home improvement frequently involves the primary living areas like the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and so on. Whether you’re planning a kitchen renovation, doing some bathroom renovations, looking to remodel your master suite, redo the living space, or any other redesign, we’ll get it done right. Some popular services recently have been updating the counter tops, adding new back-splashes, replacing tubs, new tiles, painting, and changing light fixtures. Remodeling is never effortless, but when you have the right Renton remodel contractor, it becomes so worth it.,

3. Electrical

Including but not limited to: installing new outlets, moving outlets, new switches, adding dimmers, new light fixtures, ceiling fan installation and moving, outdoor lighting, and more.

4. Drywall Repair

Drywall is one of the greatest inventions of all time for homes. It looks great, can be textured, painted, blended, and so on. But one small drawback is that it can be broken and damaged pretty easily. So we find ourselves on the way to someone’s home or office at least a couple times a week to do drywall patching, repair, blending, and re-painting.

5. Roofing Repair

Our handyman roofing service includes: general repair, patching leaks, adding on new sections of roofing, and more. If you’re looking to put a sheet metal roof over your existing shingle roof give us a call for info & availability: 425-800-5234.

6. Carpentry Services

Including but not limited to: Fence construction, fence repair and patching, fence staining/sealing/painting, decks, porches (screened and otherwise), sheds, lean-to’s, walkways, paths, rails, crown molding, water damage repair, rotted wood repair (removing rotted sections and restoring with fresh, treated lumber), and so on. 

7. Pressure Washing (Call about availability)

Depending on availability and weather, we are able to provide pressure washing service for the Renton area. Including but not limited to: Driveways, your home, fences, bricks, masonry, patio and patio furniture, vinyl siding, and more. Power washing is one of the few things you can do for a small expense that can not only make your home look 10x more beautiful and fresh, but also protects it from accumulating residues.

8. Plumbing

Sometimes people talk about how easy plumbing is. Well, it’s not always as simple or easy as installing a new toilet or fixing a busted pipe! Plumbing issues can be sudden and urgent, so we often find ourselves rushing out to handle an urgent plumbing call for a leak,  burst pipe, or something along those lines. We pretty much do it all, including: hot water heater replacement and installation, supply/drain line replacements, unclogging lines, installing tubs and showers, changing and fixing faucet fixtures, rerouting lines as needed, adding extra lines, setting up garden watering systems, and so on. 

9. Painting (Interior and Exterior)

All kinds of painting you need. Just pick the colors you want and give us a call!

10. Household Services

We do it all. Our “household services” bucket holds every other service and need you might have. If you didn’t see it in the list above, it’s included here. Just give us a call and tell us what you need. You can count on us to help make it happen. Even simple tasks such as changing ceiling lights, replacing doorknobs, and adding a few shelves are included! 

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